Retail vs Dropshipping: Can Retailers benefit doing Dropshipping

What is Retail?

A retailer is an individual or business who sells products to consumer and makes money from it.

A retailer may be the manufacture/supplier or in most instances are businesses that buy or purchase from a distributor or a wholesaler.


What is Dropshipping?

As a Retailer or Wholesaler, you can take advantage of a method of selling known as drop-shipping. The idea of drop-shipping is where a dropshipper sells products provided by a Retailer such as Argos, John Lewis and Currys, but doesn’t own the inventory or physical stock. Instead, orders are placed with dropshipper and in turn the dropshipper buys or orders directly from the Retailer to dispatch the order directly to the customer. A dropshipper in this case can be a small online Retailer such as Usual Co Limited to sell through their websites such as,,, etc


Why should a Retailer leverage on Dropshipping?

In recent times retailers especially those with huge of online sales and stock—are realizing that dealing with reliable dropshippers can be a helpful way to minimize sales and cut operating costs. One of such advantage is faster selling of clearance items, slow or non-moving stock, discounted or sales products through a reliable dropshipper such as Usual Co Limited to sell through their websites. Also, dropshippers can help retailers with extra marketing and website traffic as they are selling products of retailer’s, dropshippers must advertise or market to make sale. So this give an extra boost to retailers.


Are you a retailer or supplier? Partner or collaborate in doing Dropshipping with Usual Co today.

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